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Nurse Case Managers and Workers Comp: What You Should Know


There are injuries that may happen to a worker at his place of work, and there is a compensation that is needed regarding money or treatment of the damage. This, therefore, brings the need for a nurse case manager who helps in workers compensation. The chicago slip and fall lawyers work in two ways, and one way is the legal representation that visitors concerned with the rights of the injured worker and also the available services. The other field is the medical field where they are concerned with ensuring that the injured worker gets the best possible treatment. They make sure that they maintain a balance between the best outcomes for the employers and the best care for the patients.


Nurse case managers have very many roles to play in their field of work, and one part is to make sure that the injured worker gets the type of medical treatment that he or she needs. Another role is to bring a liaison between all the involved parties in the claim of workers compensation for example between the doctor and the injured worker. When they are providing information to the insurer, there some things that the nurse case manager should not do and this is like he or she should not for the patient during the negotiations for the settlement, and also they should not involve themselves in any investigative actions of the insurance company. They also make sure that the insurer adjuster receives all the information needed about the authorization of the treatment and the doctor's visits. They are even supposed to make sure that the communication between the treating physician and the patient is open, and that accurate information is shared.


They also play a significant role in making sure that the process of treatment is being carried out efficiently and even he or she should try to identify any problems that may be related to the treatment. They should also raise concerns if they find out the best care is not being given to the patient and even to make sure that the proper attention is provided he or she should take the required actions. They also make sure that they help to come up with the best medical plan that should be followed.  You can also check their official site here! 


This is by deciding and researching on what the program nursed worker needs and from who they can get the supplies needed for the treatment. Read more claims about workers compensation at http://money.cnn.com/2014/06/12/news/economy/ceo-pay/.